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Weathered Framed Mirrors

Weathered Framed Mirrors

15th Jul 2019

These wooden picture frames feature an aged, weathered look with the distressed grooves running parallel down the face. They were requested by the owner of a home, craft, and homemade furniture store to match their furniture. Round Framed Mirrors: Framed Mirrors:

Top Selling Classic Rectangle Mirrors

Posted by Eric Morgan on 23rd Sep 2014

Rectangle mirrors are rapidly gaining popularity, adding structure and stylish lines to homes and offices worldwide. When decorating homes, more designers recommend using mirrors to help reflect light, while simultaneously creating the illusion of additional space. Depending upon decorating plans, some homes look best adorned with rectangle or custom mirrors.Stylists recommend placing large, rectangle or custom mirrors above oversize furniture. This includes headboards, couches, fireplace

A Guide to Famous Movie Mirrors

Posted by Eric Morgan on 8th Sep 2014

Ranging from horror movies and traditional films to cartoons, mirrors have always played an important role in Hollywood. Whether someone is looking to add lively and spooky Halloween decor or simply desires a taste of old world Hollywood style glamour, this comprehensive guide provides the latest fashionable mirror styles and selections.Knock Your Socks Off: The Most Famous Horror Movie MirrorsHalloween is just around the corner, which gives people the opportunity to take ten and remember

Mirror-Making Statements

Posted by Eric Morgan on 28th Jul 2014

Nearly everyone knows the age-old Grimm’s Fairytale “Snow White” and the infamous line, “Mirror Mirror on the wall…” A common saying ingrained in today’s society, it is popular for homeowners and interior designers to create unique, one-of-a-kind custom mirrors to highlight individuality and a unique sense of style. The following features upscale mirror designs that are sure to wow the senses.•Textures – Custom mirrors are blank works of art. Add sunken driftwood twigs that feature raw wo

Ideas for Framing Custom Mirrors

Posted by Eric Morgan on 23rd Jul 2014

Custom mirrors are similar to a blank canvas, which gives homeowners and tenants the ability to exercise their creative abilities and talents. Whether it is exploring Pinterest or participating in other creative ventures, custom framed mirrors add personality, color and interest to home decors. Highlighted below are some of the most popular – albeit it untraditional – mirror decorating techniques.•Spoon Mirror – With ombre styles all the rage this year, mirrors simply could not afford not