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National Picture Frame Competition 2012 Winner


This award winning frame was made from one piece of wood. Although it appears to have many sides of wood glued together, it is just one solid piece. Our computerized router is able to customize to meet the needs of whatever shape you may need your frame to be. Cutting it in one piece avoids seams, and allows the frame to be more sturdy.

Affordable and Beautiful

Making frames affordable, while not lowering the quality and overall look is a challenge we are always up for. The customer who to whom went this beautiful framed mirror needed a less expensive alternative to a broken leaf look. Our skilled artisans came up with this beautiful swirled look.http://www.ovalandroundmirrors.com/textured-swirl-framed-mirror/

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Customized Frame for a Boutique Hotel

This frame was made at the request of a hotel designer who wanted a flowery picture frame to hang over a decorative wall table featuring a beautiful flower arrangement. This frame now hangs in a boutique hotel displayhttp://www.ovalandroundmirrors.com/club-framed-mir...

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Sports Themed Rooms

This baseball pennant display picture frame was originally designed to hold a 1972 World Series Pennant of the Oakland A's. Since then, it has been used to display baseball pennants in themed baseball rooms around the country. This particular walnut display frame is currently hanging in a boutique hotel's themed baseball room along with other [...]

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Replicate a Picture Frame You Adore

Ever cleaned our your closet, or attic and found a treasure you didn't know you had? One designer did. While cleaning the basement of her grandparent's house, she stumbled upon an antique frame with a zebra-like pattern in the finish. She asked us to replicate the frame so she could use it in her boutique [...]

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Weathered Framed Mirrors

These wooden picture frames feature an aged, weathered look with the distressed grooves running parallel down the face. They were requested by the owner of a home, craft, and homemade furniture store to match their furniture. Round Framed Mirrors: http://www.ovalandroundmirrors.com/weathered-round...Square Framed Mirrors: http://www.ovalandroundmirrors.com/weathered-recta...

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How to Decorate Your Home with Framed Mirrors

With the changing of seasons comes the desire to redecorate the home; however, finding inspiration to do so can be tiring. Instead of staring at that empty wall, racking your brain for inspiration, consider the following home decor ideas. Decorate a framed mirror with flower or foliage. An affordable, yet attractive way to redecorate is by draping [...]

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5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Family

Often times, a mother’s willingness to make a meal for her family each night is overlooked. There are also times when one forgets to say, “I love you.” Show your family today how truly thankful you are for them and all they do by using one of the following ideas.Top 10 list. Write down ten [...]

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Find Oval & Round Mirrors on Online Marketplaces

The Oval & Round Mirror Store is always adding new products with exciting new color, size, shape, and style combinations. Along with shopping for gallery quality mirrors on our website, you can now find our beautiful framed mirrors on marketpaces throughout the web, such as: www.wayfair.com, www.houzz.com, www.overstock.com, and www.amazon.com. 

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3 Back to School Preparation Ideas

For many it feels like the summer has just begun; however, back-to-school displays and sales are beginning to be advertised and we must accept the reality that vacation time will soon come to a close. Here are three ideas to consider in order to make the return to school for your children as smooth as [...]

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