Top Selling Classic Rectangle Mirrors

Rectangle mirrors are rapidly gaining popularity, adding structure and stylish lines to homes and offices worldwide. When decorating homes, more designers recommend using mirrors to help reflect light, while simultaneously creating the illusion of additional space. Depending upon decorating plans, some homes look best adorned with rectangle or custom mirrors.

Stylists recommend placing large, rectangle or custom mirrors above oversize furniture. This includes headboards, couches, fireplace mantels and dressers. This helps cast a reflection on the opposite wall. Homeowners should make sure that the reflection is pretty and attractive, such as artwork or a view, instead of unsightly clutter. Full mirror effects look best with custom rectangle mirrors. Additionally, rectangle mirrors are easy to pair together to form a wall gallery.

Rectangle mirrors also help enhance furniture, making it appear brighter. Consider adding custom mirrors inside cabinets, display cases or fitted to the back of bookshelves. This helps generate more light, while illuminating minimal collections. Mirrors are perfect for sculptures, as they show the backside of artwork designs.

Mirrors are ideal for dimly lit rooms and help reflect light from windows, lamps or open doorways, Place mirrors across from light sources for maximum effect. If selecting two or more mirrors in a room, opt for rectangle styles, as these mimic the illusion of windows.

Mirrors make attractive displays, especially those that feature more ornate, upscale frames and decorations. The vertical and horizontal lines in rectangle mirrors add stability to rooms. For a unique appearance, consider mixing and matching rectangle and circle mirrors for a one-of-a-kind, chic look.

Rectangle Mirrors

The Oval and Round Mirrors stores offer a huge inventory of online mirrors, all available in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and styles. Popular for modern-day architecture, rectangular, contemporary mirrors are making a striking design comeback. Among the top, best selling rectangle mirrors include the following:

  1. Imperial Framed Rectangle Mirror – Featuring a unique matte black with silver highlight finish, this mirror is available in eight different sizes, making it ideal for bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms, entryways, dining rooms and even hallways. This mirror includes both beveled and non-beveled options and features a detailed, complex design that highlights distressed silver leaf rubbings, which highlights the matte black finish. This mirror is superb choice for new and remodeled homes alike and looks excellent in nearly any style of home worldwide.
  2. Soho Framed Rectangle Mirror – This inexpensive mirror is a bestselling rectangle mirror classic. Featuring a simple matte black frame and no ornate details, this uncomplicated mirror is available with non-beveled and beveled designs. Sophisticated and simple, this rectangle mirror features a 2” wide frame with 90-degree angles. Hand finished for an upscale appearance, this mirror is available in several sizes and looks superb paired with contemporary homes that feature effortless linear architecture with coordinating furniture designs.
  3. Lancaster Framed Rectangle Mirror – This upscale rectangle mirror features gold leaf detailing and is similar to historic mirrors from year’s past. This superb reproduction measures 2-3/4” and features a hand gilded finish. Designed to add pizzazz and class to any room, this mirror blends well with vintage style furniture or boho chic designs. This distressed and age gold leaf mirror is available in eight sizes and includes the option of beveled or non-beveled edges. This mirror is sure to look exceptionally classy in vintage-style homes.
  4. Chicago Framed Rectangle Mirror – An ideal addition to any home or office, this mirror features attractive bead detailing that runs along the interior edge. Hand finished in attractive, antique style rosewood, this mirror has been a leading bestseller for 30 years. This mirror features eight different sizes and perfectly blends with red-tone or cherry wood highlights, which helps to accent the subtle hues in this delightful wall mirror.
  5. Boston Framed Rectangle Mirror – This unique rectangle mirror features a champagne silver finish, which is eye-catching and stunning. Blending well with vintage and antique decors, this mirror is sure to become a focal conversation piece. For a more antique appearance, customers can select the beveled mirror edge, which adds a sense of refinement and an upscale touch to this unusual mirror.

Beveled Edges

Some rectangle mirrors feature beveled and non-beveled edges. These terms indicate the aesthetic cutting involved in making the mirror and frame. This upscale addition is an additional feature for mirrors and windowpanes, lending them a manicured appearance. Additionally, beveled edges refract more light than non-beveled mirrors, as it bends light and produces a prism. This style is especially good for houses that do not receive abundant natural sunlight.

Custom Mirrors

The Oval and Round Mirror Store also offers custom mirror designs. Custom mirrors help enhance spaces and are ideal for odd shape rooms or narrow spaces that require eye-catching light. Custom designs also have the benefit of adding:

  • Functionality – Custom mirrors are available in nearly any size, which helps overcome any problems people may encounter with smaller mirrors. Most often, custom mirrors in bathrooms add central design components to these compact areas.
  • Space – Helping create the illusion of additional space, mirrors can make rooms feel open and inviting. Many people use mirrors to help dress up home bar areas, dark movie room areas or closets. Custom mirror designs are excellent for headboards, giving tall bed styles a unique, custom appearance.
  • Decorative – Mirrors are not only used to reflect light, but they also serve much-needed decorating purposes in offices and homes. Custom mirrors can accommodate fireplaces, long hallways, spacious dining rooms and much more. The possibilities of decorating with custom mirrors are virtually endless.

Mirrors help reinvigorate decors and add a custom, upbeat appearance to all styles of homes. The Oval and Round Mirror store offers nearly any framed mirror in any size. Customers can select a specific style, color, frame finish and exterior frame dimensions. This is perfect for custom homes, track homes and even old-style vintage homes with antique decor and accessories. Custom mirrors are a versatile addition to any home, adding an upscale touch of class and decor.

The Oval and Round Mirror Store has been selling high-quality mirrors for more than 30 years. Rectangle mirrors are making a significant comeback and are competing with round mirrors and oval mirrors. Today’s design styles range from contemporary to antique reproductions, which give interior designers several mirror styles and options to choose.


23rd Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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