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Oval Mirrors versus Rectangle Mirrors

Posted by Eric Morgan on 3rd Jul 2014

Oval and rectangle mirrors are classic designs that pair well with modern-day, contemporary, antique or vintage interior designs. Two of the most popular styles are oval mirrors and rectangle mirrors. To help determine what style bests meets each homes’ needs, consider the following decorating tips.

Oval Mirrors

Manhattan Framed Oval Mirror in Matte BlackOval mirrors are ideal for areas with limited wall space. Adding a sense of elegant class to entryways and small areas, these mirrors are perfect for narrow walls. Interior designers generally favor oval mirrors for formal rooms or as edgy modern-style bathroom mirrors.

When selecting an oval mirror, make sure the style and accents blend with existing home decor, such as wall paint color, room decor, bathroom cabinets, sink fixtures, etc. By determining a room’s specific style, it is easier to select an oval mirror that compliments specific interior design options. Oval mirrors are optimal for smaller spaces that cannot accommodate overly large round mirrors without affecting a room’s architectural elements.

Frameless mirrors add a more dramatic impact to rooms, as they secure in place with ornamental mirror clips and make mirrors appear to be floating on the wall. This style is perfect for small areas or powder room bathrooms.

Rectangular Mirrors

Versailles Rectangle Gold Leaf MirrorGiving the illusion of height, rectangle mirrors are perfect for hallways or narrow vanity areas. The addition of height allows rectangle mirrors to reflect more light, transforming rooms into well-lit paradises. A popular rectangular frame choice is a full-length wall mirror, which allows people to easily check their reflections before leaving home. Rectangular mirrors are available in a wide selection of styles and accessories, making them easy to compliment modern, contemporary, antique or vintage decors.

Rectangular mirrors are very versatile, enlarging rooms and reflecting views. These mirrors position either horizontally or vertically, which entirely changes the shape and appearance of spaces. Rectangular mirrors look superb installed as the back of bookcases or shelving areas, illuminating items on display.

These decorative wall mirrors come in a wide assortment of styles, materials and designs, including those that reflect antique carvings. The Oval and Round Mirrors Store also offers custom mirrors. Adding life to dull rooms, rectangular mirrors become an instant focal point, reflecting antique tables, vintage furniture, flowers, artwork or fireplaces.

The Benefits of Mirrors

Both oval and rectangle mirrors offer substantial home improvement benefits, adding splashes of upscale, inexpensive decor to homes. Adding space-filled illusions, the personal choice of oval or rectangle mirrors depends on a home’s floor plan, personal wall mirror preferences and decor style.