Wall Mirror Decorating Tips

Mirrors are among the most dramatic, easy to use decorating tools. Flawlessly incorporating light and opening up spaces, designers recommend the following mirror decorating tips for homes.

  • Tiny Rooms – Embrace rooms with small footprints by placing an oversize wall mirror, as this creates the immediate illusion of depth. This trick works excellent for smaller dining room areas. Strategically place mirrors across from artwork or decorative chandeliers. People commonly think mirror-to-mirror walls are outdated, but in fact, this is untrue. To give an antique appearance to these dated wall mirrors, consider dressing them with distressing materials or installing sconces for modern large wall mirrors.
  • Always Use Strategic Placement for Wall Mirrors – Instead of simply placing mirrors randomly around homes, renters and homeowners should consider the reflection in mirrors. Mirrors should reflect bright, attractive objects, such as windows with views, artwork, attractive vintage or modern furniture, etc. Mirrors help create the illusion that these spaces are more eye-catching and upscale.
  • Focal Points – Using wall mirrors as a focal point is highly recommended among interior designers. Lean, narrow mirrors can instantly dress up spaces, adding brightness to dark corners, which gives the illusion these spaces are warm and inviting.
  • Avoid Going Overboard on the Kitchen and Bedroom – Designers recommend avoiding mirrors as backsplashes in kitchens, which are often the source of grease and water spots, causing constant upkeep and maintenance to help them maintain their natural, brilliant glow. To maintain a feng shui home, avoid placing mirrors in bedroom areas where they reflect the bed. It is bad luck and poor fortune to awake and see reflections in the mirror. Opt for a headboard that has a higher mirror or even a mirrored dresser that offers strategic placement across the room.
  • The Importance of Feng Shui – In addition to not using mirrors in bedrooms, mirrors, it ancient followers believe that mirrors are elements of water, which create sorrowful energies. Positive feng shui tips include placing mirrors above fireplaces, which adds an energetic vibe to rooms. Additionally, mirrors work perfectly in entryways, as they welcome guests into homes.
  • Wall Mirrors – NEVER EVER consider adding wall-to-wall mirrors in any home. This terrible 1970s trend is associated with horror movies and cheap motels. There is nothing more tacky than entering a room that screams “potential crime scene!”
  • Hallways and Staircases – People should take advantage of mirrored furniture, placing them in narrow areas such as staircases and hallways. The reflecting light helps create a positive, energetic flow that streams from room to room.
  • Mirrored Furniture Designs – Both retro-style and modern designers are exploring mirrored furniture. These designs trick the mind into thinking smaller areas are larger. A popular choice is mirrored coffee tables, ottomans, desks, drawers and bookshelves. These all help reflect light, which gives spaces a custom appearance.

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10th Nov 2014 Eric Morgan

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