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Using Wall Mirrors to Create Larger Home Office Spaces

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Wall mirrors can help reinvent home office spaces, making them bright, inviting and more productive. Home office areas are often small, which means it’s vital that these areas are well lit.

To help boost natural lighting, consider incorporating natural lighting elements, such as energy efficient lighting and several wall mirrors. Wall mirrors help reflect light, which is not only cost efficient, but also helps brighten and warm sterile office environments. Custom mirrors are excellent lighting solutions that are portable, making them perfect for future moves, especially for renters.

An additional solution is adding mirrors to the top of side tables, which then further reflects tabletop lighting. The light then reflects upwards, making the ceiling appear larger and the room brighter.

See-through furniture is a contemporary option that tricks the mind into thinking a space is open, instead of confined. Having furniture not limit the line of sight makes spaces look refined, clean and fresh.

An inventive approach to home office furniture includes incorporating glass shelf furniture into homes. This can include built-ins or bookcases, which can be custom designs based on thickness and colors. Bookcases can also be lined with mirrors to create a bright area that makes rooms appear almost never ending.

Interior designers also recommend using the following home office design tips.

  • Replace traditional wood doors with glass doors, as this helps open up spaces and makes them feel larger. Sliding doors are a superb option for smaller areas, especially when remodeling homes.
  • Smudges and smears should be avoided, as this makes rooms feel smaller and more defined.
  • When using glass furniture, it’s important not to place heavy items on top, which can cause damage or breakage. Always use coasters to protect glass surfaces from hot liquids, such as coffee and tea.

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