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Tips for Making Spaces Appear Larger

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Whether a space is small or large, people can easily adjust rooms to appear larger, spacious and more inviting. The Oval and Round Mirror Store offers several tips for incorporating upscale, designer wall mirror styles into vintage or modern-day apartments.

  1. Grouping – Smaller wall mirrors are more affordable alternatives to oversize, large mirrors. In fact, a grouping of mirrors can tastefully be arranged into a focal point collection. Mixing and matching a variety of frame styles and colors is an excellent way to generate interest and add vibrant eye-catching pops of colors to rooms. Consider pairing round mirrors, oval mirrors, rectangle mirrors and square mirrors in a single area.
  2. Kitchens – Add modern mirrors to kitchens or behind open-style stoves for an instant, bright face-lift. This also helps reflect additional light, which helps make food preparation easier.
  3. Change Direction - Consider turning rectangular mirrors on their sides for a unique look. An elongated style often makes spaces feel upscale and elegant.
  4. Cabinets – To give fashionable cabinets a one-of-a-kind look, consider adding mirrors to the front of cabinets or to the sides for cabinets that are floor-to-ceiling heights. This design trick helps make small spaces appear larger and more inviting.
  5. Dining Rooms – An excellent way to make dining rooms more comfortable is to add a large, oversize mirror. This helps reflect light, which allows dining rooms to be bathed in soft, comfortable glows that are sufficient for conversation and entertaining. This is perfect for ambient lighting or even muted candlelight.
  6. Floor Length – These large floor length mirrors help spaces feel taller and larger. This works well for low-ceiling areas, which draw the eyes upwards, allowing spaces to feel more open. Consider adding these to living room areas, entryways, bathrooms, closets or even bathrooms.
  7. Window – To help small spaces feel more open, consider adding small square mirrors that help give the illusion of additional windows and natural lighting.
  8. Backsplashes – Consider using tiled glass mirrors for bathroom or kitchen backsplashes. Adding under-the-counter lighting helps brighten up spaces and make countertops feel even larger.
  9. Furniture – Cabinets can easily be covered in mirrors or homeowners can invest in glass furniture that helps brighten spaces, making them feel bigger.
  10. Layers – Consider layering mirrors for a special, textured appearance. This gives rooms space, without adding extra weight or taking up valuable wall space. This is an excellent interior design tip for areas with limited wall space.

Dressing up homes can easily be achieved by following the aforementioned tips. These tips help brighten small spaces, helping them feel open and spacious.