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Tips for Decorating with Modern-Day, Contemporary Mirrors

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Homes and apartments benefit from mirrors that are well placed and highlight homes positive features.

  • Decorative Windows – Mirrors add much needed depth and light to rooms, so they’re perfect as mobile windows. Mirrors can reflect views, windows, colors, lights and even artwork. The perfect accessory, mirrors help emphasize home decor and add depth, which gives rooms an intense and special effect.
  • Mirrored Artwork – Bold mirrors transform into unique artwork, defining rooms, which adds unique focal points. Extra-large mirrors are perfect for last minute accessory checks and can be set up with minimal effort, being leaned against walls. Simple designs can help add a Zen-like feel to bedroom areas.
  • Double Space – Any small spaces that need to feel larger can benefit from dual, matching mirrors. A light wall color helps further reflect light and makes rooms feel bright and open.
  • Drama – Create a dramatic space with a full-size mirror and placing it at the end of a long hallway. This helps reflect spaces and adds warmth to cozy, narrow areas.
  • Layers – Create layers or groupings of mirrors by using multiple mirrors on a single wall. Consider using the same style of mirrors on a single wall, laying them out in a way that mimics artwork. Remember to keep mirrors’ scales proportionate to room and furniture sizes and avoid placing small mirrors on large, oversize walls.
  • Decoration – Mirrors add necessary decorative touches to rooms. They should blend with a room’s overall sense of style. If a room features modern-day style, consider adding contemporary mirrors that reflect chic features. Antique decor blends well with vintage mirrors, which add stylish touches to decor, helping enhance rooms’ overall appearances.
  • Placement – Mirrors have a place in any room of the home, but interior designs love setting up simple areas in foyers or entryways. Entries that have insufficient natural lighting can substantially benefit from the addition of wall mirrors. Entries are perfect opportunities for homeowners to explore creating a unique ambience that reflects artistic design and creative furnishings.
  • Garden Views – Use wall mirrors to reflect nearby garden spaces, which adds light and greenery to contemporary or vintage homes.
  • Bedroom Reflections – Add energy to modern bedrooms with oversized mirrors that feature curtains. This mimics the look of windows, while adding depth to bedroom spaces.
  • Reflecting Light – Dining rooms are the perfect area for highlighting special artwork or designs. Reflecting natural light, dining room mirrors help create a warm ambiance that is charming and unique. Extra-large wall mirrors add more atmosphere and visual dimension to these gathering areas.

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