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The Magic of Mirrors

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Mirrors are the magical decorating instruments and the ultimate secret of many interior designers. Fooling the mind and creating optical illusions for centuries, mirrors have always entertained people. The magic mirrors’ work is nothing short of fascinating. Home designers share some of their mirror magic secrets.

Tabletop – Turn a dresser, console or buffet into an instant old-school vanity with stylish antique mirrors. Place mirrors on top of the tabletop, simply leaning them against the wall. This charming look bodes well with contemporary, antique, vintage, eclectic, traditional and even Victorian decors. For homeowners that prefer additional security measures, consider using a picture wire, French cleat or nail to secure the mirror directly to the wall. Heavy mirrors will require stud placement.

Dead Space – Mirrors are perfect for filling dead space, such as long, narrow hallways or stairwells. Simply add an assorted gallery of mismatched mirrors for an upscale twist.

Doors – Vintage doors are common at flea markets and secondhand stores. Consider purchasing custom mirrors to replace old or broken windows. Paint the door; add hooks and this flea market find becomes the ideal addition to any entryway.

Reflection – Unlike the mythological Greek Narkissos, whom is believed to be responsible for the psychological condition known as narcissism, mirrors are designed for reflection and thought provoking moments. To help inspire and generate creativity, people can stencil inspirational quotes on mirrors in simple fonts. While the quote is still visible, the mirror allows enough reflection to remain functional.

Unity – To create a sense of unity, remove antique mirrors from their frames and create a simple gallery wall. For contemporary homes, place a variety of round mirrors and rectangle mirrors for an upscale geometric gallery design. When mirrors of various sizes are placed together, harmony helps to unite them into a single focal point. This type of design is ideal for hallways or bathrooms.

Backsplash – Becoming more popular, glass backsplashes intermingle with small color tiles for a glossy, bright appearance that is colorful and astonishing.

Sun – Add an oversize mirror to patios and position in an area where it reflects the sun. This helps create the illusion that patios are larger, as oversize wall mirrors help reflect nature, plants, flowers and greenery.

Ceilings – Far from decorating a bedroom ceiling, interior designers are embracing the classic, age-old concept of adding geometric shape tiles around chandeliers. This Art-Deco style generally embraces honeycomb-shaped mirrors, which pair well with simple light fixtures.

Style – Instead of opting for the contractor-grade frameless bathroom mirror, outline the mirror with crown molding and trim. This will give any bathroom an instant facelift.

Storage – For homeowners that love the idea of secret storage areas, built-in mirrors can open to reveal bathroom toiletries, linen closets and even full-size pantries. The best part is that homeowners can be creative and feel like a young child again, hiding their treasured goods.