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Customized Decals


This decal covered, ornate round picture frame was specially made for a hotel in Japan. At Oval and Round Mirrors, we ship to countries around the world. As well, we are able to customize to your needs. 

The decal used in this frame, is called a Fleur d' lis. For this frame, the customer wanted this particular decal, however with more than just the normal 4 decals. For this reason, we took the top, flowery part, of the decal off and placed it in between the main decals around the frame. This gave the picture frame a more ornate look. 

While the frame as originally finished with gold leaf, it is available in all of our finishes and colors. Option of a beveled or flat mirror also available. 

As with this framed mirror, we are able to customize our work to fit your needs. Call us to discuss the possibilities: 1 (877) 576-1888