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Stylish Modern-Day Mirror Designs

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Today’s modern-day home styles embrace stylish, upscale designs, including incorporating mirrors into several key aspects of home decor.

  • Backsplash – Whether it’s building a new home or simply completing a kitchen remodel, consider adding mirrored tile backsplashes to kitchens. These tiles pair beautifully with high-quality countertops, such as onyx or dark granite.
  • Mirrored Walls – Incorporate mirrors as focal points into home plans and designs. Whether it’s remodeling walls to accommodate full length mirrors or adding a shelving area for a round mirror to hang above, personalized mirror spaces help define homes, playing off natural light and elongating narrow or small rooms. Small dining areas can literally be transformed with an oversize mirror, which makes rooms look twice as big.
  • Playful Designs – Playful, contemporary mirrors define modern homes. Consider adding visual depth by incorporating a variety of geometric styles into living areas. Create stunning visual wall art by alternating strips of custom mirrors with textured wood patterns. Another upscale design includes adding mirrored tile features around fireplaces, which helps reflect flames’ soft glows. Vintage-style homes look stunning with oversized mirrors placed above fireplaces and flanked by two vertical mirrors. This creates an attractive wall space that adds definition and depth to living or sitting rooms.
  • Connections – Open spaces with minimalist styles appear balanced with framed mirrors. Consider placing oversized mirrors on large walls to create reflective walkway areas, which mimic hallways. Consider placing mirrors near lights to give windowless rooms a brighter, natural glow.
  • Storage – Consider using mirrors to camouflage storage areas. Whether it’s placing large mirrors over doors or using mirrored closet doors, these small modifications can easily brighten dark hallways or corners, while simultaneously hiding unsightly storage.
  • Bathrooms – Opt for oversized bathroom mirrors, which help add texture and dimension to small areas. Guest bathrooms and powder rooms benefit from unique, framed wall mirrors, such as a stylish round mirror that pairs well with a pedestal-style sink. Framed rectangle mirrors can also be layered over frameless wall mirrors for a one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Bar – Turn a dining room nook or butler pantry into a custom bar with mirrored tiles and clear acrylic barstools. Add a modern black open-style table and adorn with fanciful liquor bottles for an upscale, enjoyable focal point.

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