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Stylish Interior Designs Elevate Living Rooms

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Whether homeowners have modern, eclectic or traditional decors, interior designers recommend the latest color trends and styles that are bold, gripping and show stealing.

  • Blue – A tried and true classic, this calming color looks fabulous in layers of soft blue tones. Consider using a common blue element in each room of the home to create a cohesive flow. Consider exploring a naval theme, with blue and white decor.
  • Molding – Paint ceiling mold a gloss white tone, which helps set it apart from soft, muted wall colors.
  • Purple – Pairing beautifully with gold and silver, this rich, royal hue is show stealing as living room accents.
  • Tall Ceilings – Over scale lighting accessories look best in homes that feature ceilings greater than 13 feet.
  • Bohemian – To elevate bohemian style to stunning and chic, pair a wide variety of floral, ikat and mixed striped patterns. This gives a colorful, well kept appearance to homes that prefer to mix a variety of decor styles and patterns.
  • Black and White – Iconic and classic, this season also focuses on embracing soft white and black palettes, while highlighting natural textures, such as cowhide or sheepskin rugs.
  • Monochrome – Mixing a variety of neutral, monochromatic tones can instantly brighten up dark spaces, making them feel alive and energetic.
  • Mint Green – Popular in the 1950s and 1960s, this color receives a revival when paired with chocolate brown and pink, makes an eye-catching accent.
  • Revivalist Styles – To revive rooms and breathe new life into spaces, incorporate a mixture of sunshine yellow hues that pair superbly with bold fuchsia accents.
  • Textiles – A great alternative for adding spice to rooms is pairing neutral-tone furniture with colorful, vivid textiles, which gives rooms a burst of fresh, new character.
  • Gray – Understated and almost jewel-like, gray is a calming accent color that pairs well with white or Lucite furniture.
  • Glamorous – For homeowners that are looking for old-world glamorous styles, consider incorporating a variety of ebony tones with high-end fabrics, such as silk and cashmere.
  • Bold – Consider going bold with accents that reflect eggplant and tangerine orange tones. Incorporate rich wood wall mirrors for an elegant, upscale design.
  • Patterns – Consider lining bookshelves with pattern wallpaper, such as a bold izak texture, and placing accessories on shelves.
  • Happy – For an uncommon, upbeat color scheme, explore mixing off-white furniture with accents of aqua, chartreuse and lavender.
  • Mountain – To incorporate a mountain style into homes, consider opting for industrial style furniture, dark steel accents and a restrained, earth-tone palette.

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