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Mirror Hunting: Choosing the Perfect Wall Mirror

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Wall mirrors easily make or break modern-day or vintage home decors. There are several helpful tips that interior designers recommend for turning drab decor into fabulous, eye-catching designs that are sure to appeal to both homeowners and guests alike.

  • High-Traffic – Consider the practicality and location of rooms. Place attractive mirrors in entryways, as these are perfect for last minute checks and help add reflective light to small, narrow hallways.
  • Frame Colors – A wood-framed mirror does not always have to match other wood colors within rooms. In fact, mixing and matching woods that are in the same color family allows for a diverse variety. Pine or oak furniture blends well with golden woods, while dark cherry tones pair well with intense mahogany. This same rule applies to metal mirrors. Consider a single style of metal color for the main room, whether it’s copper, silver or gold.
  • Framed Mirrors – Framed and bordered mirrors are portable. Some rooms look unfinished and dated with unframed mirrors. Consider opting for framed mirrors for a more finished, refined look.
  • Intricate Frames – Custom mirrors that feature intricate, detailed frames look best with simple, clean beveled glass lines. However, etchings that are more ornate and antique designs look best with simple frames. This helps mirrors highlight spaces, instead of being overwhelming.
  • Sizes – Having the right size of mirror helps define spaces. The mirror’s width should be smaller than the furniture that is placed below. A general rule of thumb is opting for a wall mirror that is two-thirds the size of furniture. Narrow designs make furniture feel lost and displaced, which is why the important size is so critical.
  • Small Mirrors – Small mirrors look best with framed artwork or matching sconces are on either side. The overall length of the entire ensemble and grouping should remain approximately two thirds the length of furniture.
  • Balance – Mirrors should balance with their surroundings. Ornate furnishings pair well with contemporary, simple mirrors. Ornate designs look best with clean-line furniture. This helps create focal points while not detracting from interior designs.
  • Sofas – Sofas look great framed with an oversized full-length mirror hung horizontally on the wall. This can create an eye-catching focal point that defines living room areas.
  • Retro – Oversize furniture in retro color hues help give familiarity and comfort to living room spaces, adding much needed spice and an exotic interior design.

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