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Mirror Decorating Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

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Mirrors are perfect for decorating homes, opening up spaces and adding natural reflections that enhance interiors, designs and decors. The Oval and Round Mirror Store offers several tips for decorating homes and offices with mirrors.


  • Use oversized or large mirrors in smaller areas, as this helps create depth. Big, bold mirrors are a great focal point for smaller rooms, generating visual interest. Consider installing mirrors in dining room areas, which allows light from chandeliers to reflect into wall mirrors. Also consider placing mirrors across from artwork, as this helps reflect colorful designs. An interior design trick is to incorporate wall sconces on either side of mirrors, which gives wall mirrors a contemporary, modern appearance.
  • Mirrors should be used as focal points, as they add slim designs and profiles to rooms. Floor mirrors can easily be leaned against walls or placed in corners to add a glowing spotlight effect. Design tip: a single bold mirror can dress up an entire room.
  • Feng shui is the ancient art of embracing personal energy. According to ancient traditions, it’s best to avoid placing mirrors that face sleeping areas, which decreases positive energy flow. Strategically placing mirrors, such as those adorning fireplace mantles and entryways, creates a welcoming effect that is energetic.
  • Use mirrors on staircase walls and hallways to help widen narrow spaces.


  • Mirrors should be strategically placed, not haphazardly strewn and hung throughout homes. Instead of reflecting random objects or corners, place mirrors in areas that reflect attractive decor, instead of unsightly messes or clutter.
  • Bedrooms and kitchens should have minimal mirrors. Avoid placing mirrors in areas where constant watermarks may become an issue. When using mirrors in bedroom areas, place them above beds, instead of reflecting beds. This is an essential component of positive feng shui.
  • Don’t use mirrors on ceilings, as this is reminiscent of dreadful 1970s decorating trends.

The Oval and Round Mirror Store offers a wide selection of oval mirrors, rectangle mirrors, round mirrors and square mirrors. These contemporary mirrors are perfect for vintage or modern decors, blending well with a wide range of interior design styles and designs. Mirrors are the ideal decorating tool, as they easily add light and brighten up dreary wall spaces.