How to Decorate Your Home with Framed Mirrors

With the changing of seasons comes the desire to redecorate the home; however, finding inspiration to do so can be tiring. Instead of staring at that empty wall, racking your brain for inspiration, consider the following home decor ideas. 

Decorate a framed mirror with flower or foliage. An affordable, yet attractive way to redecorate is by draping a framed mirror with flower and foliage accents. This idea is simple, as you can quickly purchase or use an already purchased framed mirror, and decorate the frame with these plants. 

In this picture, a circular Hamilton framed mirror in the shade of Desert Gold with a silver lip is used to 

Create a mirror wall display. If you are faced with a large empty wall in need of decorating and a lack of inspiration, this is the idea for you. Whether you use many of the same mirror types or an assortment of different frames, a mirror display can easily fill an empty wall space. 

5th Jun 2019

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