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Do-It-Yourself Mirror Decor

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Inexpensive do-it-yourself decor is a popular topic of discussion. With sites such as Pinterest and television shows specializing in do-it-yourself home makeovers, it has never been easier to obtain visual inspiration for vintage or modern-day homes. The Oval and Round Mirror Store offers excellent ideas for everyday home designs.

Entryways and Hallways – Place mirrored tiles behind furniture for an instant, uplifting mirrored wall effect. This will add bright light to any room, but is a preferable option for homeowners instead of renters. Large walls require large mirrors and measurements should be proportionate based on size and space.

Offices and Living Rooms – A common decorating mistake is using horizontal wall mirrors in living room areas. Instead, designers recommend selecting an oval mirror or vertical-style mirror and placing it directly above the couch or sofa. Place sconces or matching framed artwork on either side for an upscale, finished appearance. Taller furniture requires that wall mirrors be strategically placed above, which draws the eye upwards and makes ceilings feel taller. Hang mirrors opposite windows and place shorter bookshelves below for a window-style effect.

Bedrooms – For low-style windows, consider adding mirrors above traditional window casings and then installing curtain rods beyond the mirror, which creates the illusion that windows are longer and wider. Oversized floor mirrors make stunning focal points in bedrooms, which are perfect for dressing and applying last minute fashion accessories.

Dining Areas and Kitchens – For tiled backsplashes, an excellent option for under the counter brightness includes adding removable adhesive hooks and hanging mirrored tiles. This helps add dimension and reflects light, making kitchen surfaces easier to see.

Bathrooms – Dress up bathrooms by removing standard, contractor-style mirrors. Add framed mirrors for a balanced look. Separate double sinks with an attractive vertical shelf that organizes towels, daily essentials, etc.

The Oval and Round Mirrors Store offers high-quality, affordable mirrors that are perfect for do-it-yourself projects. With a wide selection of mirrors in nearly every price range, homeowners or renters can choose from an array of pre-designed mirrors or select custom frames based on particular styles, colors, finishes or dimensions.

When adding mirror decor to homes, it’s important to start at the beginning and do a walk through, beginning with the entryway. Determine areas that would benefit from focal points, such as custom mirrors above fireplaces or adding additional mirrors in between windows.

Wall paint is an affordable and fun solution that instantly and dramatically changes the appearance of framed mirrors.