Decorating Homes with Modern Furnishings and Contemporary Mirrors

Decorating a home can be a fun, exciting and refreshing experience. It is an opportunity to start anew and highlight personal fashion statements, as well as show off personality and tasteful, simple decor. Part of the decorating process starts big – highlighting walls, modern furniture, textiles and carpets and then moving forward to accessories, such as contemporary mirrors and color-coordinating accents.

Designers offer the latest tips for decorating modern apartments, using a systematic approach.

  • Colors – It’s important to select what colors look best in a modern home, as this will dictate furniture options, accessories and other home accents. Red is a popular color this upcoming season, highlighted with accents of white crown molding, white ceilings, white fireplaces and even a white coffee table.
  • Patterns – Not forgotten, patterns are more difficult to select than single tone colors. The trick to selecting the right patterns for homes is selecting a color theme and using mix-and-match techniques to seamlessly blend patterns. If using a solid red color theme, consider mixing red, brown and blue. Or rather, use brown chairs, a red sofa and a green ottoman to anchor the living area with modern, fresh colors that are inviting and cheerful.
  • Light – For smaller dining and living room spaces, consider the vintage Lucite trend. This helps keep rooms functional, without drawing them in and making the room claustrophobic. Contemporary mirrors are excellent for open rooms, as they help reflect light and can easily reflect a custom, high-end design appearance.
  • White on White – All white spaces with inviting, comfortable textures do not mimic a sterile environment, but create a comfortable space that is relaxing. People often underestimate the importance of monochromatic depth, which adds a bright airiness to rooms. Pair these open, glowing styles with a contemporary mirror for an upbeat look that is timeless and classy.
  • Reading Nook – Modern homes should never underestimate the importance of a reading nook. Whether it is reading paperbacks or exploring the latest electronic book offerings, a cozy chair placed next to a bright, cheerful window is perfect for all-day reading sessions. Create more nighttime ambience with the addition of a large floor lamp, which offers the perfect amount of light for late night reading sessions.
  • Updated – To give tradition a modern twist, consider painting bamboo side chairs in bright colors, such as turquoise or lime green. This stunning look pairs well with contemporary wall mirrors.
  • Entertaining – For homeowners that enjoy entertaining, consider making living rooms into dual-purpose areas. Incorporate a feminine style sofa and a traditional game table, which is perfect for late-night poker or board games.
  • Trends – Try updating rooms with new accessories every season. This includes changing accessories regularly to give rooms a fresh, updated appearance. Consider switching out a modern wall mirror for several custom mirrors in a variety of sizes and shapes. This creates a gallery appearance that is sure to entertain and please the senses.
  • Silver – The latest accent color is silver. Regal, upscale and contemporary, this color blends exceptionally well with the furniture tone of the season – gray. Silver mixes with warm yellows, oranges, and whites, and gray even pairs well with chic coffee tables and black fireplaces.
  • Writing – The latest modern decorating trend includes unique decor that highlights fanciful, memorable lyrics. The key to working with these types of pieces is to use them sparingly and appropriately. For example, pairing lyrics about dancing and drinking above a home bar adds a lively, memorable touch.
  • Balance – For living and dining rooms that have a great room effect, consider separating these areas with different carpeting, rugs or even wallpaper. This helps visitors visually separate large areas into two different spaces, making a home feel more comfortable, yet still roomy.
  • Flowers – Oversized flower patterns are ‘in’ this season, provided they are not overdone. Consider placing this pattern on blinds and adding a few accent pillows. Pair with custom mirrors that reflect a similar color for a well-coordinated appearance.
  • Back to Back – To help break up larger rooms, another excellent decorating tip is to place matching sofas back to back. This immediately creates two separate conversation areas and works exceptionally well in oversized living rooms.
  • Formal – Today’s contemporary formal designs can simply define a layout. Traditional formal furniture includes two chairs, a coffee table, a side chair, a loveseat and a sofa. Pair this contemporary layout with modern artwork or a contemporary mirror for an eye-catching, mix-and-match approach.
  • Oversize Furniture – To help keep oversize furniture in check, place large pieces against walls and use oversize ottomans or large-print designs to blend with bold styles. Use an oversize wall mirror behind the sofa to add balance and help anchor voluminous home designs.
  • Cabin – A contemporary style is modern cabin chic, which mixes traditional cabin decor, such as outdoorsy antlers, branches, twigs, rock work, hardwood floors, etc., with modern ikat tribal prints.
  • Casual Chic – For homeowners looking for a casual chic, yet modern vibe, consider pairing neutral furniture tones with splashes of bright colors. Make sure these vivid splashes match artwork or custom mirrors for a cohesive theme.
  • Eclectic – Today’s modern-day eclectic look highlights Moroccan accents, such as comfortable poufs, generous seating and clean lines.
  • Accent Wall – Instead of overdoing rooms with wallpaper, consider placing an attractive wallpaper print on one accent wall. Then add accessorized colors to help highlight this print through the room.
  • Home Offices – Instead of the opting for the traditional vintage styles, look for contemporary desks and chairs that match the home’s remaining furniture. Opt for light styles that are warm and comfortable.
  • Television – The age-old question since the 1950s has been, “Where should we place the television?” To help keep an uninterrupted flow in rooms, consider placing televisions in corners. They are still easy to view, but are not the primary focal point in a room.
  • Color – Add cheerful highlights of whimsical color to modern living rooms with punches of starburst yellow. This color also pairs well with black and white upholstery and black frame contemporary mirrors.
  • Inviting – To create a room that makes guests want to melt into the sofa and forget all their worries, invest in an extra-deep sofa and a super plush ottoman.
  • Layers – Layers of textures help stimulate the senses. Do not be afraid to explore tweeds, jute and cashmere materials.
  • Polished – Consider making a fireplace the focal point with contemporary mirrors and creating two identical side areas to either side of the fireplace. This gives rooms a groomed appearance that is sure to visually engage visitors.
  • Natural – Natural elements are big this season, albeit it unfinished or finished wood pieces. Consider selecting neutral shades for a modern appearance that dresses up rooms and gives them an eco-friendly appearance.
  • Blue – Rocking this season, palettes of various shades of navy blue are warm, cozy and excellent at hiding everyday pet hair and dirt.
  • Small Spaces – To make small spaces appear larger, invest in custom mirrors that help reflect light and bright colors.
  • Space – Always make sure that living room areas are easy to navigate so guests do not trip over people’s feet trying to reach for appetizers, beverages and snacks.
  • Elegance – For a formal approach to a modern room, consider installing floor-to-ceiling drapes that incorporate coordinating colors.
  • Charm – Add a romantic charm that reflects a feminine flow with soft whites and ivories, delicate vintage mirrors and minimal wood-tone accents.
  • Mixing – For a bold, contemporary approach to living room decor, start with white or ivory furniture. Add a bright colored rug with a coordinating ottoman and pillows.

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9th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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