Decorating Bathrooms with Wall Mirrors

Many people move into homes and the first thing they want to address are unattractive contractor-grade bathroom mirrors. These oversized mirrors are often glued to the walls, which makes them difficult to replace with decorative, custom wall mirror designs. To help homeowners complete this challenging do-it-yourself project, The Oval Round and Store offers helpful advice for removing these unattractive mirrors.

  • Standard Bathroom Mirrors – The first thing to take into consider when removing unattractive bathrooms is safety. Wear eye and hand protection in case the mirror breaks. Metal pry bars are not recommended as these can cause the mirror to instantly shatter. Using a flexible putty knife, work around the very edges of the mirror, trying to gently separate it from the wall. It is easier to have two people working together, in case the mirror begins to fall, another set of hands can jump in and prevent it from breaking. Using a glass suction cup, pull on the mirror. Be prepared that the drywall paper may tear from the contractor-grade adhesive.
  • Large Bathroom Mirrors – Some contractors use oversize mirrors that feature thick beveled edges. These generally measure 40” by 46” inches and feature 2” thick beveled edges. These mirrors are unsafe for non-professionals to remove. Ironically, windshield or window replacement companies are excellent resources for safely removing these heavy contractor-grade mirrors. For people that prefer the do-it-yourself approach, a diamond tipped glasscutter and glass-cutting pliers are required. To remove the mirror, cut straight lines on the glass and remove pieces one-by-one.
  • Repair – Once the mirrors are removed, it is important to follow these tips to repair the wall.
    • Remove all leftover adhesive.
    • Remove loose sheet rock paper.
    • Apply a bathroom safe, mold primer and paint over torn paper and any brown spots.
    • Apply thin coats of a drywall joint compound. Make sure it goes on smoothly.
    • Once this compound is dry, sand the wall until smooth. It may take several coats and this process may need repeating two to three times.
    • Use a texture that matches the remaining drywall and follow the application procedures.
    • Prime and paint this area.

Once these unsightly mirrors are removed, The Oval and Round Mirrors store has an excellent selection of bathroom wall mirrors. Whether homeowners are looking for large wall mirrors or two identical designs to hang over double sink vanities, the options are virtually endless. The Oval and Round Mirrors store offers vintage mirrors, which look attractive with antique-style bathrooms that feature claw tubs and ornate hardware. Contemporary mirrors look excellent with streamline zen-inspired bathrooms that are sleek, sophisticated and feature a minimalist appearance.

*The Oval and Round Mirrors store is not responsible for any injuries that result from removing bathroom mirrors. They are hereby held harmless for any injuries that may result from this blog post.


28th Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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