Antique Mirrors Decorating Tips

Decorating with antique mirrors can be challenging. Antique mirrors generally feature more ornate style frames, which includes distressing details and dark edges. However, in the appropriate home, antique mirrors can transform spaces into artistic Victorian masterpieces.

Glamorous and attractive, vintage mirrors are the quintessential accessory for antique homes. Designers recommend having mirror frames that reflect antique styles in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallways and living area. Antique mirrors are ideal for adding light or accents to any room that needs an upscale touch.

Decorating with antique mirrors is easy with these eight simple steps:

  1. Using elaborate frame styles or shapes use an antique mirror to instantly dress up and add character to a boring rectangular room. Place wall sconces on either side of the mirror to help create a central focal point that adds visual interest to lackluster areas.
  2. Small rooms benefit from the addition of antique mirrors. Mirrors should measure approximately three-fourths as tall as the wall. Consider placing antique-style furniture in front of mirrors so the reflections compliment the room’s ornate styles.
  3. Collect small antique mirrors and place them on vintage bathroom vanities and shelves. Place small flower bud vases in between, which allows mirrors to reflect simple flower arrangements.
  4. Children’s rooms look superb with small antique vanities. Girls’ rooms look excellent with antique mirrors adored with feather boas, sparkly scarves and bright necklaces. This instantly evokes old Hollywood style and blends perfectly with antique mirrors, giving children’s rooms a special touch of vintage style.
  5. Using mismatched antique mirrors, stagger this collection along an extended hallway or stairwell. Mirrors do not add clutter, but give small spaces the illusion of additional space. Using antique designs throughout homes gives rooms a cohesive, well thought out design.
  6. In dark rooms, strategically position mirrors to reflect window light. This helps illuminate dark areas. To help minimize glare, place mirrors so they slight offset, which allows light to flow through, but not create glaring reflections.
  7. Place antique mirror designs above pianos or fireplaces, which gives vintage homes an old-style period appearance. If homeowners have a home that reflects more contemporary furniture styles, create a boho chic look by blending modern day furniture with eclectic antique mirrors.
  8. Consider installing antique mirrors at oblique angles near attractive decor. This helps mirrors reflect appealing objects and collections, which makes spaces appear larger, but not over decorated.

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4th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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