An Alternative Guide to Decorating with Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are more than simply for hanging on walls. In fact, wall mirrors serve a wide variety of purposes, including as uncommon accessories in homes. A wall mirror that is well placed can reflect personality, artwork, views and natural light. The following highlights some designer tips for alternative mirror uses.

  • Table Centerpiece – Cover a long rectangular dining room table with a neutral, monochromatic tablecloth. Place a full-length mirror on top of the table, setting vases and flowers on top. The mirror helps reflect centerpieces, brightening dining rooms and giving them a cheerful, upscale appearance.
  • Larger – Small rooms benefit from the addition of an oversize mirror, which actually makes rooms feel larger. Designers recommend using custom mirrors that are at least three-fourths the size of the wall.
  • Reflections – To add bright focus and light to a wall, consider creating a collection of various mirrors. Use unique shapes, such as round mirrors, rectangle mirrors, oval mirrors, custom shapes, contemporary mirrors and even vintage mirrors for a one-of-a-kind appearance. These collections make excellent statement pieces in entryways and lining stair walls. Consider using different patterns, colors, shapes and designs for a textured look that is full of character.
  • Light – Instead of lighting up the fireplace, consider placing a frameless rectangle mirror in the fireplace and then setting a wide variety of assorted size pillar candles in front. Same color candles give the ambiance a cohesive glow. Additionally, the soft candlelight flickering will glow in the mirror, adding a romantic vibe to any room.
  • Outdoors – Hang custom mirrors at a strategic angle so they reflect artwork in another room or an outdoor view. This helps spaces look brighter and larger, while simultaneously giving the illusion of a second window.

Decorating with mirrors is easy and requires no telltale design rules. A mirror is a blank canvas that can be hung in custom locations to reflect anything unique or artistic. In fact, mirrors are one of the most versatile decorating tools for today’s modern day designers, allowing them to reflect designs, add light, generate visual interest and much more.

For homeowners that prefer more upscale designs, The Oval and Round Mirrors Store offers mirrored art that features stunning handmade frames. These classic designs can turn any area in a monochromatic room into a stunning focal point.

Mirrors also virtually double space, giving the illusion that rooms are twice as big. It is important to select reflections that are appealing to the eye and not something, such as magazine clutter. Try reflecting views, flowers, vases, artwork or untraditional furniture designs.

For a grandiose appearance, designers recommend using a full-size custom mirror and placing it on the floor, simply resting it against the wall. By placing a settee or bench in front, this dramatic effect is sure to deliver promising, eye-catching results.


25th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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