A How to Guide: Measuring Bathrooms for Custom Mirrors

Bathrooms are smaller spaces, which is why it is important that homeowners select the right size of custom mirror to reflect light and ambiance, making these spaces feel warm, inviting and larger. The size of bathrooms’ custom mirrors is important, as they can make a dramatic statement when used correctly. Another option is choosing two smaller mirrors or a single large mirror. Custom mirrors are also excellent for recessed spaces that require specific mirror measurements. When selecting a bathroom mirror, consider the following professional tips.

  • Measure the vanity below where the mirror will be installed. Allow between two to four inches of space around all edges of the mirror, as this helps prevent a contractor-type box effect. If the bathroom has two vanities, leave several inches of space between vanities, allowing room to center both rectangle or round mirrors.
  • At the base of the vanity, measure upwards towards the lighting. Homeowners will need to decide if they want a gap between the lights and the top of the mirror, or if they prefer a flushed appearance. Place mirrors at least six inches from the vanity to help avoid and minimize water stains and marks.
  • If the bathroom has any windows, consider ordering a custom mirror that is large enough to reflect the natural light from the window. Natural lighting is energy efficient and can help decrease costly electric bills during both winter and summer seasons.
  • For a single mirror, consider choosing a thickness that accommodates one person. If the mirror’s space needs to accommodate two people, consider a thinner or frameless mirror option so distortion around the edge is minimal.
  • If the custom mirror space is recessed, it is important to purchase a large, custom frameless mirror. Generally, the walls will naturally add a frame to the custom mirror. However, if you prefer to cover a shallow recessed area, opt for a thicker mirror or an oversized mirror that perfectly hides the recessed area.
  • Before purchasing mirrors, cut large pieces of paper to size and tape them to the wall. This will help determine if you want gaps around certain areas, if you prefer two mirrors or one large mirror or you want a collection of wall mirrors near toilet or bathtub areas.

This task only requires a measuring tape, a roll of oversize paper, a pencil, scissors and tape. Ultimately, the right bathroom mirror will highlight a room, giving it abundant natural light and creating a peaceful oasis that is inviting and relaxing.

Instead of forcing pre-made mirror sizes to work, The Oval and Round Mirrors store will work with customers to select custom mirror designs that will fit any space. Additionally, customers can select any style, color or finish and outside frame dimensions. This gives virtually unlimited options to homeowners that are looking to upgrade or remodel their master bathroom, guest bathroom or powder bathroom. Bathrooms are also an excellent way to regain home improvement costs when selling a home. In fact, buyers state that the two most important aspects of any home’s interior are the kitchen and bathrooms.



30th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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