5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Family

Often times, a mother’s willingness to make a meal for her family each night is overlooked. There are also times when one forgets to say, “I love you.” Show your family today how truly thankful you are for them and all they do by using one of the following ideas.

Top 10 list. Write down ten or more reasons you love a member of your family. Using a dry erase marker, write this list on the round mirror hanging in their bathroom. This will ensure that they will notice your kind gesture and they can be reminded of your love each time they fix their hair. Writing this sweet message in dry erase ink also allows for a quick and easy cleanup.

Prepare a meal. They say that the way to the heart is by the stomach. You can prove this statement true by preparing and serving a home cooked meal to your family. By putting thought into deciding what to make and taking the time to cook, you can show your loved ones how much they truly mean to you.

Give lots of hugs. This one is simple and pretty straight forward. Hug the people that you love to remind them that you care. You don’t need any excuse to wrap your arms around them - just do it.

Send flowers. When your family member receives a small bouquet of flowers from you, they will be happily surprised. It is a thoughtful way to remind them of your love. Remember, red represents love, yellow represents friendship, and pink represents admiration.

Write a letter. Sometimes it is difficult for us to express our appreciation for someone face to face. However, by writing a letter, you can easily organize your thoughts and and fully communicate how you feel. Similarly, handwritten letters show that extra thought and effort was put into the message.

15th Aug 2018 Megan McMahon

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