3 Back to School Preparation Ideas

For many it feels like the summer has just begun; however, back-to-school displays and sales are beginning to be advertised and we must accept the reality that vacation time will soon come to a close. Here are three ideas to consider in order to make the return to school for your children as smooth as possible.

Use a planner. Although we like to believe that our brains our capable of remembering homework due dates, basketball tryouts, choir auditions, and Grandma’s birthday, we are prone to forget something. However, by purchasing and utilizing a planner, your child will be able to organize their time seamlessly. Don’t stress about forgetting something and buy a planner today!

Locker mirror. Although it seems like Febreeze should be able to do the job, highschool bathrooms still stink. Spare your child from many painful trips to the smelly bathroom by hanging a small round mirror in their locker.This will allow them to adjust their makeup, fix their hair, or check their outfit quickly with their own private mirror. You can shop for round mirrors here.

Have an emergency kit. Have an emergency kit prepared for your child to keep with them at all times. Just use a small box or bag to store the important things. This could include tylenol, chapstick, lotion, bandaids, hand sanitizer, and of course a chocolate bar. 

1st Aug 2018 Megan McMahon

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