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Starburst Picture Frame for a 4-Star Hotel


The starburst frame, was one of the first frames we ever did for the hospitality sector of picture framing. About 12 years ago, we were approached with a request to match another starburst frame that had a lot of definition and detail and an intricate design. The designer specifically wanted a frame that was made of wood, and not metal in order to give it a more thick and deep feel. This beautiful starburst framed mirror was the result. It was finished in a gold tone and placed to hang in the public spaces of a 4-star hotel. 


Customizing picture frames to meet your needs are our specialty at Oval and Round Mirrors. Call us to discuss and receive a quote for a customized hospitality design and volume at 1-877-576-1888. Or email us at: sales@ovalandroundmirrors.com

Customize a Picture Frame to Match Your Theme

This studded frame was made to match a Harley Davidson themed room. Originally, it did not include a mirror. It features our Boulevard picture frame with the addition of metal studs to give it an heavy metal, auto-body look and feel. Studs are available in both silver and gold. Other colors of frames also available.Creating [...]

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Customized Decals

This decal covered, ornate round picture frame was specially made for a hotel in Japan. At Oval and Round Mirrors, we ship to countries around the world. As well, we are able to customize to your needs. The decal used in this frame, is called a Fleur d' lis. For this frame, the customer wanted this [...]

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Molding Match

A molding was sent to us of a frame similar to this. The customer wanted us to match the molding in a way that would be less expensive for them, and more simple.  Our design team was able to accomplish this, and this beautiful round frame featuring divots on the face was the result. It [...]

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Diamond Jigsaw Frames

A few years ago, hundred of these diamond shaped frames went to a chain of restaurants. They were designed so that they would fit together, side-by-side, in a jigsaw pattern. Hung this way, they formed a beautiful backdrop for the restaurant. The frame was originally ordered in only the Taupe color, however it is available [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui Wall Mirrors

Happy homes thrive on having proper feng shui techniques. The Oval and Round Mirrors Store offers helpful advice about selecting functional feng shui strategies that are easy to incorporate into dorm rooms, apartments and houses. Before hanging wall mirrors and general accessories, it is important to understand that feng shui relies on yin and yang, which promotes restorative balance. To [...]

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The Oval and Round Mirror Store Introduces A Guide to Decorating with Wall Mirrors

Most people generally select a mirror without much thought or significance on hanging the mirror. Some walls require standout designs that double as works of art, while other spaces look best with minimal pieces that blend with interior wall colors.To help do-it-yourself home designers add wall mirror decor to their homes, The Oval and Round Mirror Store has put [...]

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Iconic and Stylish Ideas to Include Wall Mirrors in Wedding Decor

Weddings are always an exciting time for brides, grooms, family and friends. The Oval and Round Mirror store has put together a brief guide for how to create unique decor that revolves around wall mirrors, which is sure to impress guests.“Mirror, Mirror...Who is the fairest of them all?”Today’s wedding photos look simply stunning with brides posing with mirrors nearby. [...]

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Top Modern-Day Wall Mirror Design Tips

Instead of opting for the traditional wall mirror designs, this article focuses on contemporary and modern wall mirror design tips that are sure to impress guests. Light Fixture – Opt for a mirrored light fixture and pair with beach tone and dark espresso tone furniture for a gleaming, eye-catching [...]

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Unusual Mirror Decorating Tips

Contemporary mirrors help make the best out of houses, turning them into comforting and peaceful retreats. Outdoor Areas – For warm-weather climates that feature year-round outdoor areas, it is best to add architectural highlights. Consider using a large round mirror to highlight ocean or peaceful [...]

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